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Our thanks go to Kim for compiling this profile. Having owned his first hot rod for almost 40 years, and served as ASRF (NSW) Divisional Director for 15 years, he certainly gains our respect as a long hauler! Ed. At the age of 16, like most kids, I could not wait to get my first car. It was an FJ Holden! A year later, I got my driver’s license – just a slight oversight. I attended my first hot rod show in 1968 at Burwood Westfield – wow! My biggest memory wasn’t a hot rod, but Ron Wickham’s mid 50’s pickup with its Pontiac Firebird inspired front. What a custom! In 1969, I bought a 1952 Hudson Pacemaker and joined the Hudson/Essex/Terraplane car club. Who would have thought how popular they would become in future years? In the following years, I attended shows at Roselands, and Bankstown Square. I remember two T-buckets nose to nose: Kevin Griffith’s ‘Tweety Bird’, and Alby Wheelers’ ‘Tuff Bucket’. Now I was hooked on hot rodding, and T-buckets. In 1973, a friend had a T-bucket chassis and bits for sale for $50. I picked up all the bits at Kevin Griffith’s house at Werrington. What a co-incidence. Now I needed a T-bucket body, so I contacted Bob Bowman at Street Rod Accessories. This turned into a lifelong friendship. I have been a member of Sydney Limited Street Rodders since 1978. During this time, I was also a member of Roman’s Hot Rod Association, and a member, and President, of Bay Area Hot Rods. Currently I am a member of the Manning Valley Cruzers, whilst Sydney Limited remains my primary club. In 2011, I sold my T-bucket after 38 years. I then purchased a 39 Chevy coupe from the ASRF (Qld) Divisional Director at the time, Darryl Harvey, which I still have today. In 2000 I was elected NSW ASRF State Director, following on from Bob Heggie. I served as NSW Director for fifteen years, and Chairman of the Board of Directors for four of those years. I believe that the Directors collectively have brought a lot of positives to the table, which has benefitted our members, and continues to do so within the current evolving and challenging times. As State Director, I spent a lot of time in meetings with the RTA. These meetings involved many talented ASRF members, with a view to pushing National Street Rod Guidelines through. This resulted in the need to have a political ally, and the ACMC, behind the ASRF. Together, we eventually achieved our goal of having the NSRG implemented. These days, I am still enjoying hot rodding, cruising to events, and having fun with the rodders, many of whom are lifelong mates. Yours in rodding, Kim Fetherston

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